Pilgrimage to Antarctica

Antarctica is the earth’s southernmost continent, geographically known as South Pole. This continent is surrounded by southern ocean. It is 14 million square kilo meter continent and fifth largest continent of the world. 98% of this continent is covered by ice with average 1.6 kilometer thickness. It is the coolest, driest and windiest continent. In fact, it is a cold desert since there is no precipitation. Recently, in the east of Antarctica it was minus 93.3 degree Celsius, the coolest temperature so far recorded in the earth. Natural habitants of this continent are Penguins, in this coolest environment they can breed and survive. Besides there are seals and other birds like Scua. At present under the Antarctic Treaty of 1959, 49 countries have signed the Treaty and there are 40 scientific research centers amongst which India’s Centre named ‘Bharati’ is the permanent centre at Larsemann Hills. Antarctica is the savior of all living beings including plants, mammals. It generates 80% of the fresh water of the world and immense oxygen generates here. It is also producer of 0zone and also produces/creates foods for the mammals and other sea habitants. At the same time as refrigerator of this earth it maintains the environment of the globe. As a pilgrim I discovered in Antarctica an image of a coolest and kindest mother of all.

  • Map of AntarcticaMap of Antarctica
  • The PilgrimThe Pilgrim
  • The Penguin ColonyThe Penguin Colony
  • On the rubber boat to the Antarctica LandOn the rubber boat to the Antarctica Land
  • On the trans Antarctic mountain rangeOn the trans Antarctic mountain range
  • Port Lockroy scientific centrePort Lockroy scientific centre
  • Floating iceberg in the Sothern OcceanFloating iceberg in the Sothern Occean
  • Floating Ices on the oceanFloating Ices on the ocean
  • Residents of Antarctica always welcomes explorerResidents of Antarctica always welcomes explorer
  • Reached to Antarctic land by RaftReached to Antarctic land by Raft
  • Pilgrim is satisfiedPilgrim is satisfied
  • Seal on the IcebergSeal on the Iceberg
  • Largest Mammal of the world - The Blue WhaleLargest Mammal of the world - The Blue Whale
  • Blue whale is blowingBlue whale is blowing
  • Penguines are flying on the oceanPenguines are flying on the ocean
  • UK research centre Port Lockroy AntarcticaUK research centre Port Lockroy Antarctica
  • Ukraine scientific research in the Antarctica peninsulaUkraine scientific research in the Antarctica peninsula
  • The iceberg is melting with changing coloursThe iceberg is melting with changing colours

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